ARTISTS IN RESIDENCE - Long-term Commitment to Creative and Positive Change

Articuate believes that to use the arts to help improve society, education and the economy we must commit to longer-term initiatives that are flexible, stick-able and fulfilling for both artists and participants.  

Where we begin a relationship with a young person, group, artist or community we aim for that relationship to last as long as is necessary to make the change we all planned for at the start of our conversations. 

That means we have to plan for things that go right and things that go wrong, for tangents and tendrils to be followed and new interests and talents nurtured and supported wherever they are found.

That means too that we are seeking relationships with funders and partners who understand that if we are to use the arts and creativity to challenge barriers and overcome complex issues that it is time-, labour- and love-intensive and that the right level of support is required to achieve the educational, social or economic outcomes we all desire.

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