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A campaign for change inspired by 'The Creatives'; a poem
by Craig Houston and Creative Changemakers at Articulate

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Articulate’s Creative Changemakers are proud to announce the launch of their latest youth-led public awareness campaign, aimed at empowering care experienced children and young people to live creative and cultural lives.  The campaign aims simply to embed arts access in every Scottish Child’s Plan.  With a vision for equity, this imaginative approach seeks to break down participation barriers, challenge stereotypes, and foster a culture of inclusivity and belonging within the Glasgow arts community.


The campaign comes at a crucial moment in Scotland's landscape as the UNCRC is now enshrined in Scots Law. Recognising the systemic barriers faced by care experienced young people in accessing artistic opportunities, the organisation is committed to championing their Article 31 rights by amplifying their creative voices and talents.


Central to the campaign is a series of 44 billboard sites featuring a co-written poem that conveys the importance of creativity in their lives.  Called ‘The Creatives’, the strategically-located Glasgow billboards feature powerful stanzas from the poem which can be pieced together kintsugi-like by walking between the sites and connecting online.

"It is a right, like food is.  If you're cut off from creativity how can you explore how you're feeling?" 

Reyna Gallacher, Creative Changemaker

#STARTWITHARTS champions the rights of care experienced children and young people to engage freely in the arts and culture, as legitimised by the UNCRC in Article 31.

Click here to read the poem.

Thanks for your support!

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