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There is strong evidence that the arts can share with children and young people something very special, including:

  • the chance to discover their creativity

  • a means through which to interact with others

  • a way to give their ideas purpose and value

  • how to take steps to build trust and esteem

  • ways to develop confidence in self and others 

  • the belief and courage to try new things.

Articulate does this through a diverse range of evidence-based arts programmes, co-created between the young people and skilled artists in order to deliver life-changing experiences.

The current connect and collaborate programme comprises:

Culture Club - a way for young people to engage and enjoy their local arts scene as well as benefit from supporting workshops, learning events and 'meet the artist' sessions.

Blank Canvas - named such as we start each project from scratch and create a space for young people to navigate as individuals, building connections and relationships with other young people the same way an artist would in a studio setting.  The non-prescriptive nature of the project allows individual interests and strengths to shine and find a place within the development of the young community. The young people are empowered to design a route through the project that reflects their skills and motivations so each connected collaboration is unique. 

Connecting Scotland - Articulate works with the Scottish Council of Voluntary Organisations (SVCO) on Government's connectivity scheme for care experienced young people.  Participation ensures that young people benefit from kit, MiFi and training to keep them connected to us and others.

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