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Articulate has evolved a skills and workforce development matrix that supports:

  • children and young people and focussing on building esteem, well-being, life skills and positive attitudes for learning

  • young people and adults preparing for work, where coaching, mentoring, trainee- and internships, work experience and placements need to be created or supported

  • professional adults, including youth and social workers, teachers and participatory teaching artists, to make the most of creative learning  pedagogies to up-skill self and others

  • a creative and social enterprise model for all ages and stages that explores aptitudes for the workplace and workforce of the future in line with predictions from the OECD and WEF.

Current projects include:

Creative Potentials - a personal and professional development programme for individuals or small groups that focuses on creativity as a tool to support training and career aspirations. 

Innovations in Creative Enterprise - an iterative project for school and youth groups to explore the concepts of creative innovation over ten-weeks with specialist supports.

Creative Assistant Traineeships - for young creatives who want to learn the skills, techniques and attributes for supporting professional artists in school and community settings.

Made with Care - our newest evolution, available after lockdown, to platform, profile and promote creative products and services by trainees and talents with experience of care.  Visit our shop to see the crafts and homewares created as a result of this dynamic new social and creative enterprise.

Professional Training (CPD) - a commissioned programme of activities looking at the quality provision of specialist work in the arts, education, social work and the community.

Articulate is an approved and accredited employability pipeline supplier for the Department for Work and Pensions as well as Falkirk, South Lanarkshire, East Ayrshire, Edinburgh and Dundee City Councils.

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