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Purpose:  Articulate uses creativity to help care experienced and other marginalised young people get to wherever they want to go.

Mission: We co-design creative solutions using The Articulate Approach to help every individual access the tools they need to build a robust and fulfilled life.

Vision:  For a nation in which the talents of all young people can truly shine, in a society where there are no barriers to creative participation.


  • We believe in the best

  • Everyone has a place at our table

  • We stand for dignity and social justice

  • Our work is serious, but our culture is playful

  • We’re committed to long-term impact and relationships.

Why We Do This:


Articulate was established in 2017 to make sure children with care experience can have a positive childhood. Our purpose is to improve the lives of the young people by scaffolding their innate curiosity and creativity. We provide direct support through the arts for well-being, to build skills and give a voice and platform to those in and those who have left care and who share our vision, mission, and passion for creativity as a tool for emotional, educational, ecological and economic health.  Our relationship with places and spaces, including the planet, is pivotal to our charitable purpose (see below) and ten-year plan (available on request).

The Change We Commit To:


We aim to provide equality of opportunity for marginalised citizens by removing barriers to their enjoyment of and participation in the arts, exploring creative potential and engaging with our contemporary cultural landscape. We commit to a culture and society change that sees our young people at the heart and helm of everything we do.  They are our lived experience Creative Changemakers.


What We Do:


Articulate is a niche and specialist charity that has equality, diversity and inclusion at its core and co-designs services that benefit Scotland’s most vulnerable young people, specifically those who are or have experienced care, homeless, seeking asylum, at risk, or living in poverty in our most challenged communities.  


We promote quality and excellence through creative learning and by ensuring diverse and marginalised potential is discovered, nurtured and supported thereby also contributing to the necessary diversification of the creative industries.  


How We Do It:


Through our access, participation and employability projects, Articulate improves the well-being, achievement, and attainment of young people of all backgrounds. Articulate works with the most skilled participatory and teaching artists in Scotland, across all art-forms and inclusively with children at all ages and stages of their social, educational and emotional development.  We deliver highly creative programmes for children that focus on developing positive outcomes for learning, for life and in preparation for the world of work. 


The Articulate Approach:


Articulate’s approach focuses on creative habits of mind, where we use arts-based learning as a stepping stone to creativity, a high-value commodity in the workplace of the future.  Our work is:

In practice this means:


  • arts education, creative learning and cultural practices, including digital, are prioritised

  • 16 industry-wide art-forms are employed to benefit marginalised Scots

  • the creative outputs, productions, exhibitions and events, are of industry-standard

  • creative voice is nurtured for social, educational and economic improvement 

  • young people help us ‘talk the talk’ and ‘walk the walk’ through action research and KE.

There are five themes to our work:  1) places and spaces, 2) connectivity, 3) well-being, 4) education, employability and enterprise and 5) Artivism


Our journey over the next ten years, has the following focus:

  • the arts and creativity as a connector between culture and care

  • awareness and advocacy, including children’s rights to the arts and culture

  • child growth and development, including physical and mental well-being being nurtured

  • education, skills and workforce development, scaffolding for young people, teachers, social workers, families and artists

  • places and spaces, including digital, where the ability to flourish and thrive is cultivated.

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Articulate’s work is supported by Arts in the City, Awards for All, Baillie Gifford Community Awards, Cashback for Creativity, The CivTech Alliance, the Clothworkers' Foundation, Comic Relief’s Shift the Power, Chance to Succeed, Commonweal Fund, Corra Foundation, Cranfield Trust, Creative Scotland, Glasgow City Council’s Area Budget, Communities and Winter Social Well-being Fund, Glasgow City Heritage Trust, Glasgow Life, Glasgow Health and Social Care Partnership, Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, East Ayrshire Council, East Renfrewshire Council, East Renfrewshire Health and Social Care Partnership,  East Renfrewshire Small Grants Trust, The Edward Gostling Foundation, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, Flightpath Fund, Foundation Scotland, Gordon Fraser Charitable Trust, The Grocers’ Charity, Henry Duncan Grants, via the Corra Foundation, Hugh Fraser Foundation, Inverclyde Council, Just Enterprise, Life Changes Trust, Kiltwalk, Midlothian Council, Miss MES Paterson Charitable Trust, National Emergencies Trust, the National Lottery Community Fund, Neighbourhood Watch Scotland, North Ayrshire Council, Northwood Trust, People's Health Trust, People's Postcode Lottery, Pilotlight, Provident Social Impact Fund, The Radcliffe Trust, Renfrewshire Council, Santander, Scottish Government's - Analytical Exchange, Response Recovery & Resilience, Scotland Loves Local, Connecting Scotland, Social Innovation and Well-being Funds, Scottish Screen, SCVO, The Stafford Trust, Tampon Tax Community Fund, Tesco Bags of Help, The Robertson Trust, Young Start, Youth Music Initiative, the School for Social Entrepreneurs, UnLtd, The WM Mann Foundation and the Women's Fund for Scotland. 

The Articulate Cultural Trust (ACT) is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO), charity number: SC047054.  

Trustees:  Matthew Chinn, Eona Craig, Gillian D'Analeze, Andrew Gordon, Dr David Haddow, Jules Haston, Lynn Maher, Lisa Paris and Melanie Shee.

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