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Articulate projects focus on creative habits of mind, where we use the arts as a stepping stone to creativity, a high-value commodity in the workplace of the future.  Our work is:


  • asset-based, person-centred and relational 

  • Social Pedagogy, SEL and creative learning pedagogies combined

  • teaching artists that are of the highest calibre and their practice is trauma-informed 

  • rooted in robust evidence and research including around the arts and neuroscience

  • impact-driven with emphasis on quality, authentic co-design and creativity with partners and participants.

In practice this means:


  • arts education, creative learning and cultural practices, including digital, are prioritised

  • 16 industry-wide art-forms are employed to benefit marginalised Scots

  • the creative outputs, productions, exhibitions and events, are of industry-standard

  • creative voice is nurtured for social, educational and economic improvement (Artivism)

  • Arts Award accreditation through Trinity College, London is available to all participants.


The strategy for our journey over the next five years has five pillars for our focus:

  • the arts and creativity as a connector between culture and care

  • awareness and advocacy, including children’s rights to the arts and culture

  • child growth and development, including physical and mental well-being being nurtured

  • skills and workforce development, scaffolding for young people, teachers, social workers and artists.

  • places and spaces, including digital, where the ability to flourish and thrive is cultivated.

Get in touch to discuss your own creative ideas as well as learn how to connect with our existing initiatives.

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