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Blank Canvas - our learning in authentic co-creation ...

Articulate can evidence the ability of shared creative experiences to improve well-being, change mindsets and broaden horizons.

Blank Canvas is a 12-week series of half-day artform workshops for children and young people.  The project usually runs over 12 Saturdays, involving 15 young people aged 14-19 years, and in either your choice of venue or ours, or indeed blended and digitally online.

Blank Canvas evolves creative places for young people to express and explore themselves through the arts. The project, co-designed between the young people and Scotland’s leading artists and socially engaged practitioners, is responsive to the interests and ideas of the young people. Engagement with the Blank Canvas model build relationships, informs identities, and increases confidence as well as creative skillsets.


Rather than a one-size-fits-all project, Blank Canvas scaffolds young people to inhabit a creative space and navigate their way around it in a way that is motivational, using their peers and lead artists as sounding boards.  The sources of inspiration to develop the ideas and project content are as individual as they are, and are informed by their shared experiences. It is collaborative, cultural, and co-created - with particular care given to the emotional and social process of learning and identity formation.


We take an asset-based and relational approach to our delivery and are supported by child psychology inputs to underscore the value creativity as a tool for learning,

development and emotional well-being.

An example of a Blank Canvas output is detailed in our blog called North and South.

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