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Made and Re:Made with Care

Made with Care is a training programme dedicated to upskilling young people through the arts

so that they can create products and services to take to market.


Learn to shape things that you are interested in selling, and finding the audience for your skills and talents. We support you to brand, package, price and market your creations, and then attend markets as part of the Made with Care Collective where you gain sales experience, build knowledge of your brand and perhaps earn a bit of income.


Our maker's programme includes crafting specifically to target seasonal markets that we run at our Glasgow city centre studio. In the set-up and running of these indoor events, you will learn about displaying your goods, market etiquette and meet experienced makers who can give you honest advice and feedback. We will attend external markets too, identifying the events that fit best your and our unique brand character.  We will also explore online selling and the importance of social media in growing your profile and reaching your customers.


The current online shop is here but, importantly, this programme is yours ...

Join us to decide what next steps we will take together.  Contact:

Our Project Lead post is supported by The William Grant Foundation and

the project is supported by The Gannochy Trust and The Hugh Fraser Foundation, for the next three years.  Thank you!

BR x ACT inspires Re:Made with Care

A very special charity fundraising initiative, called BR x ACT, benefitted Made with Care earlier this year.  Proceeds from this imaginative recycling project and auction were donated to the development of Articulate's Re: Made with Care project.


With support from the visual art community in Glasgow, the iconic columns from the rooftop of historic Glasgow landmark, the Battlefield Rest were saved from landfill.  Generous artists helped the next generation of young creatives by upcycling the salvaged columns and turning them into beautiful works of art that were auctioned and raised £5,000 for Articulate's young people, helping them fulfill their cultural ambitions and dreams. 

You can read the back story here.

Please join this upcycling initiative by contacting Project Lead, Elle Steele.


@brxact #brxact 

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