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Articulate was appointed to carry out research on behalf of North Ayrshire Council and Creative Scotland

about the creative and cultural landscape of the area as part of the North Ayrshire Place Partnership. 


Called Creative Connections, the first strand of the year-long plan looked at the current landscape to develop a long-term approach to supporting ambition and addressing gaps in delivery and engagement.  


The key elements of our work included:


  • Carrying out a cultural planning exercise across the sector, inclusive of 
    mapping assets, audiences, artists and activity;

  • Delivering a report on the current situation, and using the research to create a proposal for a phased, planned approach, to addressing and supporting on-going developments across North Ayrshire;

  • Assisting and supporting on-going developments within North Ayrshire to
    establish a formal forum for the creative community;

  • Investigating the potential audience and community appetite for creative and cultural opportunities
    within North Ayrshire.

    If you are delivering creative, cultural or arts services in North Ayrshire, we would still be delighted if you would contribute to our mapping activity by completing the short survey here:


We’d also still love to know how easy it is to get involved in the arts, how supported people feel,

where any gaps in provision are and what should be done to improve access to the arts. 


To chat to us please e-mail or call Andrea McMillan on 07979 602321.

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