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Call 24 - post-COVID renewal? We need to be radical.

In these extraordinary times so many of the experiences that have been integral to children’s resilience and well-being have come through arts and creativity.

Rainbows in windows, group singing in our streets, chalk pictures on pavements, ribbons tied to fences, craft, dancing, creative play – these small, grass-root expressions that brought joy, communicated powerful feelings and enabled connection with family, friends and others in the community show how the arts and creativity are an essential part of our humanity and essential for building communities where children can flourish.

Sadly, this pandemic has magnified the fact that not every child lives in an environment where their innate creativity and imaginations can be nurtured and inspired.

That’s why we are revisiting our partner Starcatchers’ original call from 2018, asking the Scottish Government and Scotland’s local authorities to act now, with urgency and ambition, to ensure arts and creativity are at the heart of every child’s life.

Read the full call here.

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