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Creating a Magazine During a Global Pandemic

Articulate's online magazine created for and by young people is called Culture 360.

From the disappointment of events being cancelled, the localised madness of panic buying, an uplifting increase in community spirit, and the anxious uncertainty of returning to university when all the lectures will be online: the essays in this magazine touch on the wide range of emotions the lockdown period has brought out in us all.

This magazine has been created from scratch in just eight weeks, over a series of workshops conducted online. There have been technical issues, dodgy WiFi, Zoom fatigue and online etiquette to cope with, not to mention the intense deadlines involved with creating a magazine.

Regardless, the team of four young people have dealt with everything thrown at them. Their input has at times been funny, moving, poignant, and always thought-provoking. It has been a joy to work with them through this project, and to publish their work in this magazine.

Huge thanks to graphic designer Niall Smillie for creating our incredible front cover, and to Laura Frood for all her support throughout the workshops.

To the writers – Kate Laister-Smith, Ashley Mayer, Jade Ross and Emma Jokinen – congratulations. Enjoy seeing your work published, and I hope you feel proud of everything you've accomplished in the past two months, because it has been extraordinary.

Jess Connett

The Covid Issue mentor and editor

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