THROUGH THE LENS - developing creative voice and identity


Through the Lens is a photographic collection illustrating a young person's perspective on their place in East Renfrewshire today.

The works were created with East Renfrewshire's Champions Board, a forum for care experienced young people to express their views and opinions to Corporate Parents.

With the support of professional photographer, Margaret Mitchell, the young people explored inspiration and imagery from natural, urban and personal worlds as well as considered technical, aesthetic and curatorial issues for presenting their work in exhibition at Eastwood Theatre Art Gallery.

Get in touch to request a Through the Lens postcard pack.

Through the Lens is supported by East Renfrewshire Council, East Renfrewshire Small Grants Trust,

Life Changes Trust, Cashback for Creativity, The Articulate Gallery and

2M Professional Designer Software.

If you'd like more information on the Through the Lens project taking place in your area or with your group, please don't hesitate to get in touch ...

Get in touch - 0141 416 4105

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