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SCHOOL RESIDENCIES - Long-term Commitment to Supporting Improvement

Articulate is focussed on priorities such as creativity, education, employment, and well-being.

Our work aligns with national priorities to boost educational attainment, support skills development and grow employment levels, reduce social exclusion and enable economic activity and innovation.

Articulate works with some of the most disadvantaged learners in Scotland by helping to unlock their creative potential in order to improve their choices, chances and skills for life, learning and the world of work.  We do so by co-designing and delivering high quality, arts and cultural projects that focus on positive outcomes, lead to industry-standard productions, exhibitions and events. These in turn impact on well-being, confidence and as a stepping stone towards further sustainable improvement.

We are one of just a few accredited Arts Award centres in Scotland, delivering certificated courses with schools that reward pupils for their commitment, engagement, skills, leadership development and gain certification for their achievements in and through the arts.


We are fortunate to have been resident in East Renfrewshire Council for four years now, in a collaboration with Education, Social Work and the Health and Social Care Partnership.  This long-term commitment has been focussed on iterative phases of creative projects around:





and have resulted in improvements in attendance, esteem, creativity, qualifications and employment.

See our case study here and a project example here.

Our current projects for schools include:

  • Pathways - specialist curriculum support initiatives in film, photography, drama, contemporary music-making, visual arts and crafts, architecture and design, gaming and publishing. 

  • SHAPE - a 12-week interdisciplinary arts-based project designed to support the learning and well-being of young learners. It combines knowledge and expertise from the creative industries with innovative educators to develop skills in the arts, creative processes and technology within a real-life context. 


  • The Map - pupils and teachers co-curate a learning journey where they select a series of inter-connected and multi-disciplinary experiences that we deliver in partnership with our own arts in education practitioners and in collaboration with inspiring artists from across the UK.


Arts Award


Connect and Collaborate

Employability and Enterprise


Almost all of our work is co-created with authorities, schools, teachers and pupils, so please get in touch to discuss your needs and work with us to design and deliver a solution that works for your context.

Read more about our work in schools and enjoy the Big Blether recording of

Nicola Benedetti discussing why the arts and creativity belong at the heart of the curriculum here.

Articulate is an approved and accredited employability pipeline supplier for the Department for Work and Pensions

as well as Falkirk, South Lanarkshire, East Ayrshire, East Lothian and Dundee City Councils.

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